“These artworks not only wake us up to our own corporeality, but they also return us to the real world that we have forsaken for a digital one. Nu Som gives us back our neglected visible and physical world, our nearly extinct concealed world of privacy.” —Deborah Zafman

Nudescapes_Private Dreams in Public PlacesOne-part Bansky-esque street artist and two-parts Abramovic-influenced performer, Nu Som has authored and starred in a debut that resists further categorization. Nudescapes: Private Dreams in Public Places, a compilation of the artist’s most iconic images from her ongoing project by the same name, will enthral those curious about the exploration and gratification of artistic misconduct, used to explore the distinction between what is private versus what is public. Influenced by the constantly thinning line between freedom and privacy, Nu Som’s striking Nudescapes is a shocking debut filled with evocative artistry and political sentiments.

Using some of the world’s legendary public landmarks and landscapes as backdrops, Nu Som revisits the relevance of one of art’s classic subjects, the nude, for the internet age. Her awe-inspiring photographs, most of which sport the artist as the subject, are stunning celebrations of light, contrast, and form.

Nudescapes reflects and inspires a consciousness on the limitations and potential of the body, in its most defenseless and vulnerable position. Teeming with evocative artistry and political sensibility, the photographs in this collection explore the policing of the bare body in a world unaccustomed to its presence.

Combining the spirits of travel and resistance, this monumental collection is an essential introduction to the photographer. Packed with theatrics, emotion, and exhibitionism, this daring debut softens the boundary between public and private, beckoning the viewer to challenge the relationship between the two.

About the author:
Nu Som was born in France and raised between Le Havre, Paris, Lyon, and Aix en Provence. She has lived and worked in New York City since 1995. She has worked as an actress on stage and screen, eventually migrating behind the camera. Primarily self-taught, she has created a successful commercial career in print and is known in the music world as an exclusive and respected New York City portrait artist. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including covers and features in Bass Player Magazine and Jazz Life & Glamour. Nu Som currently resides in New York City.

About the foreword writer:
Deborah Zafman received her doctorate in the History of Art from UC Berkeley where she was awarded the McEnery Fellowship for innovation in teaching. Previously, she studied art history abroad in Florence, Berlin and Paris and is fluent in six languages. While in Paris, she ran a thriving contemporary art gallery before returning to the United States to become a certified member of the Appraisers Association of America. She has published art reviews for Art Press and essays in numbers exhibition catalogs. She currently lives and works in New York City.

From Nudescapes by Nu Som copyright (C) 2017, Published by G Arts, gartsbooks.com

Nudescapes // Nu Som // Photography, Subjects & Themes, Nudes
December 2017 Release // $75 // 264 pages // 12×9″
Hardcover wit acetate jacket, metallic ink, silkscreen page edges, and ribbon marker
166 B&W and color photographs // ISBN: 978-0-9987474-2-2