IAMA Theatre Company celebrates its tenth anniversary of developing and presenting new work with a season of world premieres in 2017-18.

“With our 10th anniversary season, we return to our roots with three world premiere plays written by company members and developed specifically for the IAMA ensemble,” state co-artistic directors Stefanie Black, Christian Durso and Katie Lowes. “Ten years ago we began in a living room driven by a need to create cutting-edge and hyper-modern stories for a new generation of theater audiences. At the time, Leslye was working on her Seven Deadly Plays cycle and we made a commitment to her that we would produce it in its entirety. This year, we honor that commitment with the premiere of her seventh and final play. As we head into our second decade, we will continue to be a home for playwrights and theater artists and cherish the ensemble that drives our work.”

IAMA Theatre Company opens its 10th Anniversary 2017-18 season with two world premieres running in repertory:

Oct. 20 – Nov 19, 2017
World premiere
Sinner’s Laundry

Waiting for Godot meets Orange is the New Black meets The Book of Revelations in John Lavelle’s sci-fi comedy that explores the divinity in all of us, and the power of redemption in the darkest of times. The residents of Newport Women’s Correctional Facility have all mysteriously vanished. Only two inmates remain, locked in Rec Room No. 4. With nothing but some crappy board games and their imaginations, Sam and Jess must navigate their way towards salvation.

World premiere
RPMs redline on a journey towards redemption in Christian Durso’s storytelling play. A father’s moment of road rage along a frigid eastern Sierra highway results in a nine car pile-up, splintering the relationship with his family forever. The impact of this event ripples through years, into DNA, into the blood, as his estranged son tests the limits of forgiveness when he commits his own unspeakable tragedy.

Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018
The One Day Plays
Six plays are conceived, written, rehearsed and performed for a live audience within a 24-hour period. Members and friends of IAMA Theatre Company meet the night before to pair up directors, writers and actors by drawing names from a hat. Once the six teams are chosen, the writers have nine hours to write the scripts. Actors receive them the morning of the show to rehearse and memorize. That night an audience arrives and watches six fully realized plays that did not exist one day earlier.

March 10 – March 25, 2018
The Seven Deadly Plays
IAMA continues its 10th anniversary celebration with readings of six plays, all produced and premiered by IAMA over the past decade, from Leslye Headland’s viciously funny seven-play cycle exploring ancient sins in the context of contemporary culture:

  • Cinephilia (“lust”), in which two cinephiles cling to their obsessions with film and sex as a way to validate their relationship
  • Bachelorette (“gluttony”), a wicked black comedy about female friendship and growing up in an age of excess that was adapted into the 2012 film starring Kirsten Dunst and Rebel Wilson
  • Assistance (“greed”), a biting, high-octane satire about our attraction to power and what we’re willing to sacrifice to stay in its orbit
  • Surfer Girl (“sloth”), one woman’s haunting recount of her transient voyager lifestyle from one idolized couch to the next
  • Reverb (“wrath”), in which history threatens to repeat itself as troubled lovers purge mutual pain by inflicting it on each other
  • The Accidental Blonde (“envy”), a disturbingly humorous look at jealousy, work and success in the cyber-stalking generation.

The final play in the cycle, is Cult of Love (“pride”), in May.

May 11 – June 10, 2018
World premiere
Cult of Love
IAMA concludes its 10th anniversary with a full production of the final installment in Leslye Headland’s Seven Deadly Plays cycle — a black comedy that explores the final sin of “pride” through one family’s feverish clash over who is right and who is crazy. The Dahl family gathers to celebrate Christmas in their rural Connecticut home. Raised as strict Christians and overachievers, the four adult children (along with their partners) have grown into varying degrees of belief and success. Their initially joyful reunion quickly reveals an American family riddled with competition, xenophobia and mental illness.