by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The Pleasure Project is writer/performer Ava Bogle’s irreverent, slightly interactive, one-woman show about five aliens preparing to leave earth in light of an impending nuclear war, trying to save humanity through the clitoris.

Presented in character monologues of each alien’s experience of earth and landscaped by amusingly provocative background music & lighting and video of clit representations in all forms, Bogle most definitely pulls off the funny in the show. The preposterousness of the affair (or not) is enough to intrigue and delight most anyone not offended by the subject matter or the humour, which in no way is crassly displayed but rather ticklishly exhibited.

As a Vagina Monologues meets Mars Attacks copycat and running neatly at 45 minutes, it’s a femme-light, non-nuclear entertaining diversion. Bogle’s caricatures are exceedingly soft-core in their respective points of view and she is masterful in her gelastic presentation of them.

Lively and campy and a fun time all around.

Directed by Rachel Avery.