by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

“What you need is a really big cheer!” Cheri Oteri & Will Ferrell style.

Yes, that really did pop into my head just when things were crumbling fast for the wonky, last minute, substitute crew of the SS Albacore in the 4242 epic Intergalactics race around the Sun against the questionably evil and totally freakin’ irritating Martians that won’t stop taunting them!

turbulence improv musical hollywood fringeCatchy tunes, awesome choreography, incredible singing and best of all a totally original script with legs, Turbulence!, the high speed, high stakes camp melodrama, set in space, by L.A.’s premiere musical improv comedy troupe, Robot Teammate is simply awesome!

Equipped with a rockin’ live band, it’s a better-than-Broadway experience as a departure from staid movie musicals and formula theater. Sure there is a certain predictability with the script – the classic, comic hero saga with all the fixings including an anti-social former schoolmate who happens to be driving their ship into oblivion, an insecure scientist with a breakthrough rocket fuel that may or may not work, a crazy fire-starter mechanic, a James T. Kirk wanna-be captain who’s kind of pathetic and a ‘feeling’ sunshiny-day robot who just wants to give everyone a group hug. But who cares! This show is an exciting ride all the way. Just take a look at their song list (in order):

Swimming Up Stream – crew of the SS Albacore (Chris Bramante, Kat Primeau, Miles Crosman, Molly Dworsky, Dave Reynolds)
It’s Still Home – SS Albacore
Find Out What We’re Made Of – SS Albacore
5 Minutes to Blast Off – SS Albacore
The Feelz – Dave Reynolds
Spacercize – Molly Dworsky, Kat Primeau
Power’s Low – Molly Dworsky, Kat Primeau, Chris Bramante, Miles Crosman
Turbulence! – SS Albacore
The Friend Ship – SS Albacore

Live band: Sam Johnides, Branson NeJame, Chris Sousa, Max Mayer

Coming off of their 2016 dystopian Fringe musical hit Thug Tunnel, Robot Teammate and Accidental Party have returned with an even bigger, better absurdity. Turbulence! is one of the best, most fun musical ensemble shows to perform at the Hollywood Fringe this year.

Highly Recommended