#WellnessWednesday ISOThrive Prebiotic Nectar

isothrive prebiotic nectar

isothrive prebiotic nectarIt didn’t take very long after being asked to participate in a new product trial that I picked up my 30 days worth of ISOThrive Prebiotic Nectar and on my way to hopefully reseting my metabolism. That was the goal, at least.

‘Eat on an empty stomach.  Or whenever you want.’  Read the instructions included in the box.

I was determined to lose the hefty amount of belly fat I’d accumulated over a 3-month chill period post severe and contagious flu and total exhaustion that followed right along…and didn’t leave.

Day One was easy: Open mailer. Tear satchet. Drink liquid. I decided to give myself a second just to jump-start the process. No need. Although there were no initial zings or euphoria, it was a pretty quick road to results.

Granted, I began a light regimen of steady exercise, was already eating healthier, lot’s of vegetables, fruits, clean proteins, seeds, and nuts.  But I didn’t overdo it. Plenty of fun foods went into my mouth. I suppose it was a way of testing how powerful ISOThrive really was. Could it withstand an average diet?  As opposed to a restricted eating plan.

By Day Twelve I reintroduced a daily probiotic into the mix to compliment my new habit. The bulge indeed began to budge.  There was an unmistakable shift in my desire for food and portion size.  Eventually, my tummy got the tiniest bit flatter.

There was definitely a placebo effect too.  The desire to heal my body starting with my gut. Perhaps even negate some of the food and seasonal allergic reactions I’d also been having. (There was actually a slight dissipation). The willingness to make some adjustments to my overstressed lifestyle and irregular eating habits.  But my personal modifications were mild at best.  As I recorded all that I ingested, felt and did,  made note of even the slightest changes of any kind via a daily diary, I’d safely say that after just 30 days, the ISOThrive Prebiotic Nectar had a kickstarter impact.


What the heck is a prebiotic anyway? Find out here.

The above testimonial is an accurate statement about my personal experience with ISOThrive Prebiotic Nectar based on a 30 day trial box sent to a variety of participants by the ISOThrive company for the purposes of this test.

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