by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

18 minutes was all she needed to make her point.

A sober audience sat completely still and silent not knowing whether to leave or stay in the semi-lit house at the finale of a one of the most effective stand offs to sex trafficking told from the point of view of a child victim.

She is a ballerina doll used to being shut up in a box.  A true blonde and one of a variety of products, that will give you all the pleasure you want for – wait for it – the bargain auction price of $8000 to the gentlemen (yes plural), in the back of the house. SOLD!

She dances in a circle to music as she strips her clothing and smiles, in terror, handcuffed and sweetly mimicking the choppy rhythm of wound up TOYS, over and over until she breaks down.  Touched “there”, again and again, beaten and raped by many men, who pay. Left to sing to her own dolls like singing her ABCs until it happens all over again.

With the use of minimal, repetitive gestures and movements, sound effects and film, Christina Evans tells a plain-as-day yet terrifying story about abuse, exchange and sexual corruption that is thriving in every city in the world.

She is NOT a metaphor!


Highly Recommended.