Civil rights doc The Freedom To Marry will release digitally (VOD and platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. ) on June 6th via Ro*Co Films in the U.S. and Canada. This is the epic, untold story of how same-sex marriage became law of the land.

Documenting one of the greatest civil rights stories of our time, The Freedom To Marry is a nail-biting, behind-the-scenes story that traces the marriage equality movement’s historic progress, and reveals the masterminds of the movement they lead the fight to win same sex marriage throughout the United States.

The Freedom To Marry traces the marriage equality movement’s historic progress through the four decades of work by Evan Wolfson, the architect of the movement (who is the founder and president of Freedom to Marry), and pioneering civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto, who argued many of the key cases, including the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision. This doc follows the team’s audacious battle over decades, starting in the 80s when gays and lesbians were a despised minority, through their final case before the United States Supreme Court seeking the right for all Americans to marry the person of their own choice. With fascinating depth, this film profiles the LGBT heroes who worked tirelessly for decades to make the dream of marriage equality a reality.

Directed by veteran doc filmmaker Eddie Rosenstein, produced by Jenni Olson & Amie Segal. After a successful national theatrical run this spring, The Freedom To Marry will now be available digitally in June, timed to national LGBT pride celebrations this summer.

USA / 2016 / Documentary / 86 minutes / HD

Directed & Produced by: Eddie Rosenstein
Producers: Jenni Olson, Amie Segal
Exec. Producer: Randi Blanco
Featuring: Evan Wolfson (Founder/President, Freedom to Marry), Mary Bonauto (Civil Rights Attorney, GLAD), Marc Solomon (National Campaign Director, Freedom to Marry), April Deboer-Rowse, Jayne Deboer-Rowse (Supreme Court same-sex marriage plaintiffs)