Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel: I Can Spin My Own Rainbow

the clock at the back of the cage music

Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel are set to release their first full-length collaboration album, I Can Spin A Rainbow. The LP and digital download will be available from Friday, May 5. The CD is out on May 12.

This stop-motion video, which uses a vast assortment of objects and live physical theater actors, was produced in a large warehouse in Melbourne and conceived by Palmer and the directors: Melbourne locals Christy Louise Flaws, Chris Bennett, and Luke O’Connor.

Amanda says about the video, “This was the most painfully personal track from the album. I wanted to capture that frightening-yet-beautiful feeling of the song, which is why stop-motion seemed like the perfect choice; even when it’s beautiful and alluring, stop-motion is fundamentally creepy, and these actors went through physical hell to produce what, to us, looks so easy.”

The Clock At The Back of The Cage video, along with Palmer & Ka-Spel’s I Can Spin A Rainbow project was powered by Patreon, the platform Amanda uses to enable her fans to fund and support her in the creation of new songs/webcasts/videos/writing/performance-art and more.

Track Listing:
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Shahla’s Missing Page
3. The Shock of Kontakt
4. Beyond The Beach
5. The Clock at the Back of the Cage
6. The Changing Room
7. The Jack of Hands
8. Prithee: Liquidation Day
9. Rainbow’s End
10. Subway *
11. The Sun Still Shines


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