gia on the move hydroponics, farm to table

Consumers have become increasingly health conscious about their lifestyles, diets and carbon footprints. Trending are solutions for sustainable at-home, indoor gardening that enable individuals and families, especially urban dwellers with little or no outdoor space, seniors with limited mobility, vegans and vegetarians to easily grow their favorite vegetables, herbs, sprouts and fruits inside their homes, year-round. OPCOM Farm indoor gardening systems has introduced a step beyond hydroponics, all-in-one, soil-free, LED lit system, designed for impressive water conservation and pesticide non-GMO gardening, capable of producing 25 percent faster growth cycles, without the challenges of weeding, pests and weather.

Environmentally friendly OPCOM GrowBox and GrowWall systems also have the capacity to grow a significant amount of produce that is even fresher than farm-to-table.

gia on the move hydroponics farm to table