by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Poor Beryl. All she really wants is to be loved.

Occasionally on the run from the law with mom, mourning drunk encounters with high school boys, instantaneously widowed from her beloved bed-ridden husband, horny and spectacularly unlucky among the Lost Boys of WEHO, stalking the man of her dreams in the Hollywood Hills…nothing seems to satisfy her yearning. Until she finally remembers the advice from her high school gym teacher, “Stay away from the dick!”

The ever fabulous, Miss Beryl Swiver has a new story to tell. And with the help of her mini-Yamaha toting songwriter/musical director, Richard Levinson, she’s changed her tune altogether and expressing it all in her new Thanks a Lot! My Gratitusical one-woman musical journey to herself and back (and then some). It is a tribute to all the ones she loves and love her back most – her audience.

In 12 – plus a “we didn’t prepare an encore” songs – Rebecca Larsen as upwardly mobile, Minelli-esque Miss Beryl Swiver, in primo-camp and bedazzled sarcasm, sings her salacious best while relating a hysterically heartfelt life in classy, comedic cabaret vignettes. You will never experience love and dating the same, again.


Currently Playing at Sacred Fools Hollywood Row
Starring Miss Beryl Swiver (from her own idea)
Book by Richard Levinson and Rebecca Larsen
Music and Lyrics by Richard Levinson
Additional material by Jenelle Riley
Featuring Rebecca Larsen as Miss Beryl Swiver
Directed by Kiff Scholl