It’s been twenty years since they met in their high school drama club, but teenage romances, egos, and quarrels that lie just beneath, are ready to surface once again. Ex-lovers, old grudges, and new spouses are thrown down a twisted, rabbit hole of alcohol-fueled bad decisions, male/female double standards, politics, LGBTQ issues and race relations. These friends are finally ready to grow more this weekend than in the last two decades.


From Ginger Beard Films and Lakeview Pictures and writer-director Joe McClean (Life Tracker), The Drama Club stars Dane Bowman, Chelsea Brandt, Chris Ciccarelli, Barry Finnegan, Mike Kopera, Melanie L. Lewis, Jon Luke Thomas, and Liza de Weerd as a group of friends brought back together, each with their own joys and scars from the past twenty years.

Directing his cast against the picturesque backdrop of Pine Flat Lake just three hours north of Los Angeles, McClean presents a dramedy that touches on the many different paths life can take after high school, from the mundane to the inconceivable.

The Drama Club will have its theatrical release on November 11th. The film will play for one week in Los Angeles at the Arena Cinema Hollywood. Recommended for anyone whose every loved “The Big Chill”.

Friday, November 11, 2016
Arena Cinema Hollywood
1625 N Las Palmas Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028

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The Drama Club: 87 minutes / 16:9 / USA