S T F U ‘What We Want’

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Alternative electronic maverick producer Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind seminal alternative rock band Curve and electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO, has joined forces with Preston Maddox of post-punk noise-rock band Bloody Knives in a new project, called S T F U.

Their debut LP What We Want, just released on July 29, is laced with unfolding hypnotic loops that gradually progress to uptempo electronics, trip-hop laden beats, lush noise entwined with shimmering synths, and Maddox’s hazy trance-like vocals. The title track What We Want is also the first single.

“My favorite thing about this track is it has a filthy quality to it that is essential, like being immersed in the pollution of our dystopian future where everything is covered in layers and layers of filth.” Preston Maddox, Bloody Knives

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Produced and Mixed by Dean Garcia
Recorded by Dean Garcia and Preston Maddox
Recorded in London, UK Texas, USA
All songs written by Preston Maddox and Dean Garcia
Preston Maddox Vocals and Lyrics
Dean Garcia Bass, Drums, Guitars. Keyboards, Programming

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