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Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

“Someone to watch over me…”

The sexiest surprise this year at Hollywood Fringe filled the Three Clubs on Vine with the worst campy one-liners of all time, goofy gags, a ridiculous premise, smokin’ hot “I’ve been a bad, bad” bad girls in sparkly costumes, dazzling over-the-top burlesque, a dead guardian angel and a pathetic ending. It was AWESOME!

Refer madness rules at #NoirAtTheBar with a page ripped right out of Mickey Spillane’s, Mike Hammer , in Angel’s Flight, written by Matt Ritchey and Benjamin Schwartz who have created a truly entertaining montage of film and stage noir ‘caberlesque’ comedy.

It’s Los Angeles, 1944. A girl’s gone missing, but a gumshoe is hot on the case. Will our sloppy, bum-luck, detective, Duff (Schoen Hodges), save the raven-haired beauty or will he fall short? As Duff reluctantly mucks his way through ridiculously obvious clues he gets caught up in booze, deadly illegal marijuana, prostitution and rivalries with foes that want him gone baby gone, especially the secret boss who’s right under his nose.

Hands-down best choreography, the girls swished, shimmied and slinked through the genre perfectly inserting a live LIVE performance into the night club space. The entire cast delivers on style, story, timing, direction, dance and overall performance. We’re hoping it makes a comeback somewhere, somehow.

Winner: Best Cabaret and Variety Show at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe and a Pick of Fringe.

Highly Recommended

With: Bradely Bentz, Ben Bonigan, Heath Butler, Dvid Garver, Brin Hamblin, Sarah Hawarth, Madeleine Heil, Schoen Hodges, Allison Miller, Michel Onofri, Benjamin Schwartz, Kelly Stevenson and Ben Goldberg.

Directed by Matt Ritchey

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