Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Adventurously created, The Cure to Mortality, a futuristic, sci-fi musical comedy about corruption, depression and death, didn’t quite hit the mark suffering most by an overwritten script and for its ‘all over the place’ direction by (also lead actress) Molly Gilman who on the other hand was vocally extraordinary. The multi-level stage at the McCadden Theatre which would normally be a production’s dream, also did little to add to the colour, timing or downright sparse scenic design.

The Meds are using lower class humans as their test subjects in order to find the prescription for immortality and take over the world.

When all was said and sung (and that was a lot!), there were simply too many ideologies crammed into what could have been a tighter, darkly comedic presentation rather than what comes across as internally confused pseudo-political narrative, although there is definitely a fantastic story here. It just needs to decide what it and its characters really want to say.

What is absolutely brilliant about this show is the phenomenal dedication and vocal execution by the the five talented women: Katy Erin (XED), Brookelyn Rose (Dr. Titus), Sandra Diana Cantu (Tow), Mary Ann Pianka (Dr. Kites) and Molly Gilman (Dr. Colbert) who sung their hearts out at Broadway peak levels.