Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

‘My husband wouldn’t buy me that phone. He bought himself another exotic fish instead.’

‘I just LOVE cosmetics.’

‘I want my Mama to have the best.’

‘We’ve always lived out of a dumpster.’

‘That red jumpsuit made all my fantasies come true. And I never did get caught.’

Of all the reasons every other civilian could think of for shoplifting Sticky Fingers nosedives into the juicy, not so desperate, and often not very remorseful psychology of why (these) women just won’t pay.

Set up like a recovery meeting (think AA), and written from the real life conversations of real shoplifters, eight women confess their secret stories about why they just HAD to have that one thing, the gains and the losses, emotional as well as material. Each woman’s story is as hilarious as it is fascinating and heartbreaking and in one woman’s case, dramatically and horribly changes her life forever through public shame, jail time and more.

Are there lessons to be learned through these women’s respective experiences? Possibly. But Sticky Fingers is definably about getting pleasurably personal with the abusers rather than excoriating them which makes it ultimately fun and quite titillating.

Excellent casting and performances by all.