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Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

100% Perfect!

If I could manage to write more than a Rotten Tomatoes style review of this production, I’d be happy to oblige the cast, crew and audience with a checklist of every outstanding point this show delivers. There just isn’t a need. In its execution: acting, direction, stage direction, costuming, timing, scenery, sound and lighting, comedy, fight choreography and just plain ‘shock & awe’, Punch and Judy is absolutely flawless.

punch and judy school of night Hollywood fringe festival

This is NOT your children’s puppet show Punch and Judy. It is a colorfully violent, sexual and irreverent adaptation written from substantive historical research on the actual character origins and how they were veritably performed long before Punch was boiled down to a mere cranky wife beater. It goes so so, so, so, so (there just aren’t enough ‘so’s) much farther. You won’t even believe.

This ‘punch-drunk’ 50 minutes jaw-dropping, blood, guts and action-packed sketch has woven a variety of theatre and film craft genre’s into a very adult, hilarious, dark physical comedy that will have you yelling out loud in response and defense. Unfortunately there are no more shows left for Fringe.

Presented by School of Night
Producer/Fight Choreographer Jen Albert
Directed by Christopher Johnson
Foley/Percussion/Sound Design by Ryan Beveridge
Costumes by Linda Muggeridge
With: Sondra Mayer (Judy), Jimmy Slonina (Punch), Synden Healy (Pretty Polly et al), Eric Rollins (Devil et,all), Tiffany Cole (Mr. Scaramouch, et al), Kiai Block (Jack Ketch, et al)

Very Highly Recommended (just not AT ALL for kids)

Drawing on performance traditions as richly varied as Commedia dell’Arte, the Roman gladiatorial games, the English mystery plays, Kenpo Karate, Le Theatre du Grand-Guignol, Dorian Mime (?!) and Hollywood action-splatter cinema, The School of Night is proud to present a blast of theatrical bombast crafted to batter and berate its viewers into giddy, satisfied submission.

Mr. Punch will tickle your ribs as he bludgeons, stabs, slashes, burns, shoots and inappropriately gropes his way straight into your heart.

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