Gia #HFF16 Reviews: Must Be Comfortable With

must be comfortable with broads world ensemble hollywood fringe festival

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Seeking Women, all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Must be comfortable with the following:

Being slapped in the face, slapped down, slapped while topless, garbage, food, various clothing items thrown at your face, auditioning in your underwear, , having your hair violently pulled during a simulated sex scene…in an awkward position…

‘You’re: too fat, too skinny, too ethnic, not ethnic enough, don’t look like, sound like, act like your ethnicity, too cutesy, too ugly, too insecure, too blonde, too brunette, too athletic, not athletic enough, not sexy enough, don’t want this role bad enough, want this role way too much, really weird to look at, too smart, too old.’

Broadsword Theatre returns to the Hollywood Fringe Festival with a smack-down of epic proportions of the women’s theatrical casting scene. Must Be Comfortable With, is a behind-the-not-so-closed-doors look of what it’s really like to be a female participating in today’s violently misogynistic mainstream media atmosphere.

Directed by Daniel Ozymandias, Must Be Comfortable With goes well beyond the territory of public perception feminism with it’s 100% accurate casting/audition/interview dialogs and visuals and scenarios, including the recent Profiles/Bitter Lemons debate which set the theatrical world on fire, it is a humorous, satirical attempt to reclaim their bodies and themselves which sits right on the doorstep of every woman who has experienced sexism and more in the entertainment industry and really beyond.

Highly Recommended

Directed by: Danielle Ozymandias & Adriana Colon

Starring: Lacy Altwine, Dana DeRuyck, Tara Donovan, Marian Gonzales, Chevonne Hughes, Maikiko James (u/s), Sylvia Loehndorf, Ilea Matthews, Esther Mira, Dionne Neish, Natalia Ochoa, Danielle Reierson, Jessica Shim

Contributing Broads World Ensemble Writers: Tara Donovan, Maikiko James, Sylvia Loehndorf, Danielle Ozymandias

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