Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Although a bit naively written, Politically Challenged has narrative moments of surprise especially when one of two assistant campaign managers outsmarts the other during an election meltdown all too similar to the current 2016 presidential landscape.  It’s a cut-throat tale of two ambitious competitors in a high stakes game.

Ted Larson (Robby Devillez) and Denise Ford (Jamye Grant) are the only two assistant campaign managers left after an off-color comment from congressman John Crest threatens his re-election bid. With only hours to spare before their candidate will be interviewed on TV all the remaining staffers must work together to save the campaign.

This is writer/director/producer Matthew Robinson’s first foray into the world of theater having crossed over from a mostly filmmaker background, interesting in that the action does have a filmic play to it. Most of the time, despite tiny sections of dialog that can be anticipated, Politically Challenged is extremely well put together and exciting with a fluid arc. Beyond the drama onstage it is a course in storytelling.  Great performances all around including Michelle Murphy and Hayes Dunlap who respectively bring the edge and the comedy to this performance.