by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Perhaps one of the least fringy shows at Hollywood Fringe this year, All Aboard the Marriage Hearse is a comparatively fully formed, theatrical production.

Incredibly well-conceived, written, directed and executed this show nails it with dialog and most of all a level of intimacy that is so inviting as well as entertaining.

Traditional ideals go head to head against evolved intellectualism surrounding the issues of love, marriage and what commitment really means. This couple must answer very tough questions that address their future and ultimately their happiness which hangs in the balance.

Sean and Amy are your typical co-habitating, Catholic/Jewish, thirty-something couple living in Manhattan. After nearly four years together, Amy wants to get married but Sean does not. Tonight is the night when they will settle the marriage question once and for all.

You might find yourself rooting for the guy here, the playwright has really thought this one out, at least to his satisfaction. But really both Jessica Moreno and Tom Pilutik are so delightful and compelling in this dramedic tête-à-tête, and the subject matter reasonable, it’s difficult NOT to cry and cheer at all the appropriate moments.

All Aboard The Marriage Hearse is a passionately human experience that hilariously and sometimes tearfully simplifies the complexities of today’s modern relationship ideals.

Written and directed by Matt Morillo

Highly recommended