Reviewed by Benjamin Schwartz

I can’t hear or see anything. Thank the blindfold and headphones for that. Then softly in the distance, music. I lift up the corner flap of the mask and I see RED. So much RED.

Coming off of last year’s immersive theatre piece Getting To Know You, Annie Lesser had a high bar to jump. She soars over it with this daring, bold, gritty experience.  In  A(partment 8), Lesser has done something that you won’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles. In this small apartment near the corner of Santa Monica and Vine, you find bloody magic.

Keight Leighn’s performance is vulnerable, confident and beautiful. You will be pressed to find another piece of art that requires this level of trust between the audience member and performer.

This could be one of the most intimate, visceral experiences ever created; seriously. A(partment 8), which is part one in a twenty-six part series entitled, The ABC Project, is not a show. Nor is it theatre. It is a transformation. You walk in one person and walk out another. A chance to truly step into someone else’s skin for 8-10 minutes, free of all judgment.

I can’t talk about this show for fear of ruining the experience for future audiences. I can say that the subject matter is incredibly dark and you may get bloody. Be ready to fully trust yourself, or whoever you are in the moment. This is not a show for everyone, but it should be.

Highly Recommended. 

A(partment) 8 runs through June 25th. One audience member per experience.