by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The delivery was excellent but the pace was slightly off.

Season ten winner of Sacred Fools’ Serial Killers, All The Best Killers Are Librariansdisplayed the ever magnificent, spot-on comedic talents & timing of leading lady Lauren Van Kurin (King of Kong: A Musical Paroday #hff16) in this bookworm thriller about a shy librarian who finds romance, love, heartbreak and international intrigue as a reluctantly recruited assassin for ’The Establishment’.

Librarians is meticulously written by Bob DeRosa who fleshes out this genuinely funny show to perfection and is keenly directed by Alicia Rock who gives her ladies quite a bit of spotlight.

There is somewhat of a slow glide in this otherwise brilliant piece which would do better to add a bit more acceleration, especially that it is endowed with additional comedic heavyweights, Pete Kaslavka, Monica Green, Carrie Keranen, Eric Giancoli, Mike Mahaffey and Jennifer DeRosa whose comedic delivery never miss the mark for a single moment.

Nevertheless, for Fringe or elsewhere Librarians is a top rate show and highly recommended for the season.