Reviewed by Benjamin Schwartz.

Shitty Awful Everything is a totally trippy play that embraces meta conventions, intertexuality and postmodern absurdism.

Our protagonist, Mike, is having the worst day of his life. He loses his job, his wife and kids and also, finds out that he has terminal cancer.


Events take an even darker, and stranger, turn when he is hilariously kidnapped by a group of gay cowboy bikers and then forced to snort off a mountain of glitter cocaine. Things don’t stop there. It gets weird.

This play really takes some major risks and some of them work beautifully. Many ordinary props like glass tumblers, steering wheels, and iPhone; are substituted for homemade cartoon-like versions. This works very well within the confines of this wacky world and reminds the audience that we are very far from the reaches of reality. Each cast member, apart from Mike, dips from character to character with an infectious energy.

Blood. A shitload of blood. Be warned sitting in the front rows as you are likely to get splashed with blood on more than several occasions. It’s funny at first, then kind of annoying, followed by predictable. Don’t wear your nice clothes.

While the stakes are high for Mike, he lacks a goal, a need, or even a want. We follow this character’s escapades blindly until we reach the catharsis; which is literally explained to us by a narrator. But, it comes too late and ultimately, we never get a chance to connect with our hero.

Unfortunately, some jokes go on for too long, while others suffer from the script thinking that it’s a bit too clever. Still, the show is clever and isn’t a poor choice in your schedule depending on your taste.