Gia #HFF16 Reviews: Lamprey: Weekend of Vengence

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Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move


An eellike aquatic jawless vertebrate that has a sucker mouth with horny teeth and a rasping tongue. The adult is often parasitic, attaching itself to other fish and sucking their blood.

Written in true, Peter Fluet tradition of bizarre juxtapositions, non-sequiturs, irrational situations and utter nonsense, Lamprey: Weekend of Vengeance boasts the most awkwardly sexual, hysterical, retro genre referencing, police detective script quite possibly written – to date (at least in LA!)

Taking absurdity to a new high, actress Carrie Keranen is stupendous as the ultimate hard-core, wannabe action hero cop, housewife and mom (Angie Dickinson move over!) who just can’t quit a homicide.

The energy output alone for this role is mind-boggling.

When her partner is killed in a gun fight with the Irish mob, Lamprey works hard to avoid an upgraded cruise vacation with her family in order to find the killer and get revenge. She’s been ordered to turn in her badge. She’s been banned from the funeral. The casserole sucks. And the kids need to be carpooled. Everyone keeps trying to convince her to drop the intense weekend search – her police chief dad, her frustrated husband, her ditzy animal activist friend who keeps getting in the way and the killer mastermind behind it all trying to get rid of Lamprey…just because. She’s not giving in though. This might just be the best, most chart-topping 24 hours of her life. If only someone would just say her kick-ass name!

This show should come with its own motto like, ‘We deliver’. It’s incredibly well-choreographed for stage and the entire cast knocks it ‘out of the park’. Lamprey could be a little tighter as a show, but otherwise, it’s a hit. Every outrageous line, scene and sound cue of it is priceless.


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