On view February 3–March 15, 2016

The first North American exhibition of  experimental Parisian artist and designer Frederick Gautier: a collection of 30 new Brutalist objects and teapots

gia on the move art

549 S Olive St, Los Angeles, California 90013

During the summer of 2016, Please Do Not Enter will host Frederick Gautier for the first time, for an artist in residency program in Los Angeles. Gautier will use found materials and remnants from the LA River to create 100 unique objects inspired and informed by the site.

Drawn to the minimalism of raw form, the designer’s interest resides in the specific origin of materials, often incorporating found elements from evocative environments and sites. The artist creates functional utilitarian objects from concrete informed by a Brutalist aesthetic and sensibility, foregoing ornamentation in favor of clean understated form.

At the intersection of art and design, Gautier’s ceramics explore the themes of necessity, utility, shape and form. Through his art, he establishes a dialectic between the constructed form and the organic, the made and the found, the object and the space, the fleeting and the permanent. By using a repertoire of simple shapes, the artist is influenced by Bauhaus, Le Corbusier and Mallet Stevens.

gia on the move art LA River
Image credits: Frederick Gautier, Brutalist Teapots. Photography by JM Chassier. Guillaume Bardet,L’Usage Des Jours. Photography Kendrick Brinson

Gautier creates his ceramics in his Parisian workshop, where he also reflects on material uses and applications. His modern perspective is shaped by a somewhat “crude” aesthetic, as he focuses his work on the material itself rather than its ornamentation. He favors the rawness of concrete for its reliefs and textures.

From 2010 to 2014, Gautier studied at the renowned Ecole Nationale du Paysage de Versailles, develop- ing a strong relationship to landscape and expertise as a landscape architect. In 2013, Gautier’s controversial performance work Royal Splash was presented in the Versailles Grand Canal and filmed by Agnes B and French Director Laurent Perreau. In June 2015, for the design festival D’DAYS in Paris, Gautier resided on the Louise-Catherine, a boat converted by the architect Le Corbusier on the River Seine in Paris. While on site, Gautier conceived and produced the performance project Tx100, creating 100 tea- pots in concrete, that were exhibited in the raw space of the boat evoking reference to everyday objects and to ideas of nomadic micro-architecture.