Is this really a surprise?

In December of each year, Pantone (and some others) usually announce a Color of the Year.  No-one however, as far as anyone knows at custome fabric and wall paper design company, Spoonflower, has ever named a year’s Most Unfashionable Color to Avoid. But they did! And 270 fabric designers from their worldwide community agreed.

Neon Slime Lime (hex code #00FF00) is this year’s color to shun for décor, design, fscreaming-leprechaunashion and … anything else.  The too bright, too energetic, garish, retina-searing shade of fluorescent green is the landslide choice, with 58% of the votes, over five times as many as its nearest rival.  Other suggestions ranged from Blinding Radioactive Lime to Screaming Leprechaun Green.

“If people today are seeking serenity, order, calm and a chance to de-stress, this won’t provide it,” says Robin Szypulski, a senior designer at Spoonflower. “It’s more likely to make them wince, cringe or want to hide in a dark room.”

Photo (above) provided by Spoonflower PR