Men Like Brussel Sprouts :  Women Like Yams 

thanksgiving turkeyEvery Thanksgiving, it is estimated that Americans consume over 51 million turkeys (USDA). But what side dish do people think best compliments that juicy tender bird?

In advance of Turkey Day, Ranker, the leading online destination for crowdsourced rankings of everything, released the results of its public poll asking people to rank the best Thanksgiving Side Dishes.

According to more than 9,700 votes, mashed potatoes are the #1 favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

And it seems that tradition continues to outflank nuevo cuisine as Stuffing, Gravy, Bread and Green Bean Casserole round out the Top 5.

The Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes which included 34 side dishes to choose from as determined by more than 9,700 votes are as follows (voting closed on November 18):

1. Mashed Potatoes
2. Stuffing
3. Gravy
4. Bread
5. Green Bean Casserole
6. Corn on the Cob
7. Macaroni and Cheese
8. Baked Sweet Potatoes
9. Sweet Potato Pie
10. Crescent RollsRanker’s poll also reveals:
Men voted stuffing as their favorite side and included brussel sprouts and garlic bread in their top 10.

Women included yams and green beans in their top 10
Millennials chose stuffing as their #1 Thanksgiving side
Baby Boomer voters included cranberry jelly in their top 10