Unprecedented, as one of the more shabbily organized fashion events, Los Angeles showed off it’s lack of style and decorum last night at the “All Aboard… L.A.’s Fashion Platform”, an annual fundraiser by non-profit Fashion Business Inc. and the Moss Adams Fashion Innovator (MAFI) Award, which featured collections from California’s top, established and emerging designers such as MK Collab, Vene AI, Kiin-Athletic, Soverra, Plush Cashmere, and AS by DF.

Confused crowds were forced to cluster at the velvet ropes entrance to the stage, in a sweltering, non air conditioned Union Station Downtown LA, waiting for a half-baked seating chart to be recovered, additionally not marked with placements for all of the invited press.  Front row VIPs and general guests alike, had to practically jump the stanchions, to avoid the stampede of no formal lines, manned by volunteers who knew nothing about handling attendees. I suppose it wouldn’t be possible to host such an event without typically unpaid, unqualified labor. But such is the unfortunate state of affairs in the City of Los Angeles where free internships reign supreme.

The usual unstylish, tack and ric-rack suspects, clamored for the free booze and packaged-for-prime-advertisement hors d’oeuvres as the center piece barely 6 feet away from the badly lit step and repeat, swarmed by the who’s nobody at the largely unprestigious affair.

Oh how I miss the olden days of New York Fashion Weeks and the joy of working backstage with real designers like Gianni Versace (coincidentally one of the most generous men in the industry I’ve ever known), Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Ana Sui, Ralph Lauren to name drop just a mere few.  Oh how I miss the days of genuinely, glamorous people who actually spent extraordinary thought, time and money, to accoutre for American fashion’s most exalted moments, jockeying and negotiating even up until the last minute for prime position in the tents at Bryant Park or the Armory.  Instead LA is forced to gag on a substitute diet of barely inspiring, pure retail ready-to-wear.

Alas, Los Angeles is still bereft of haute couture and lush imaginative costume or a highly professional, well- coordinated experience. And a few one night rental gowns, sparkly faux jewels, red carpet photos or nice kids at the checkin tables couldn’t save it – at least not last night.