Star Wars, CostumesLast week we had some fun with a pre #ForceFriday graphic listing some of the favorite fight scenes of all the Star Wars movies.  This week, we’ve got another challenge for you sent to us by MorphCostumes in the UK.

With the release of the shiny new Star Wars instalment just around the corner, they asked, “What better time to test the knowledge of the world’s stalwart Star Wars fans”? Be prepared. This latest quiz isn’t like their previous one. This time, you have to match the quote to the character.  Sound easy?

Take the test and see. Click the image.

Star Wars, quiz, trivia

You’ll soon discover whether you really do know your Wookies from your Ewoks; your Darth Vader from your Darth Maul.

May the force be with you

(yes, yes…we just couldn’t resist).

Star Wars, The Force Awakens