by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

These people are just crazy.

Hilarious from the grandiose melodramatic lights up.

In The 7th Annual One-Man Show World Championships our contestants compete in a heated tournament of transcendental soul ripping solo acts.  These personal intimate journeys that no one particularly would ever want to know about become the fodder for self-recognition in a parody of extraordinary proportions.

Trent “The Soul Mirror” Isaacs and 6-time reigning champion returns for what he thinks is sure to be another crushing victory. But in a shocking turn of events he is suddenly upstaged by an unlikely, last-minute wildcard Western Region finalist Gary.

As each candidate, 2 girls and 2 guys, go for all-fired shock, penetrating realism and unmitigated self-indulgence in the quest for storytelling gold, Gary, whose real life is so staggeringly stupefying and immersed in sexual depravity “without his consent”,  pulls ahead sending Trent into a breathtaking tantrum. Calling out every detail of Gary’s story to get the judges to disqualify Gary from the event is the coup de gras of what it means to be a winner and an international celebrity.

When I say, hilarious beyond all measure, this show needs an extension after Fringe.

Very Highly Recommended