by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The Spiders are everywhere!

This apocalyptic low-budget film-for-stage parody went the distance in trying to capture arachnid cult insanity. 

There were a few great bits from menacing violent spider puppets on strings as well as teen scream fantasy leading lady boyfriend Bradley James Holzer’s shirtless Chippendales gag (I only wish he would have lost the pants!), and awesome performances by deliciously controlling Spider Queen Sarah Lilly; and our favorite tough guy Isaac Deakyne’s batman voiced coffee barista who gets knocked off just when he finds the love of his dreams with the brattiest customer of the shop he can’t stand…figures!  But they just couldn’t quite pull it together for the full frontal horror or hilarity. 

Every show deserves a happy ending and Spiderpocalypse gets it mostly right.   Our heroine at least gets her guy.

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