Shakespeare ish hollywood fringe theater review hollywood fringe

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

This shows begins right where it ends, in a kind of no man’s land of Shakespeare’s words, tropes, poetic styles and 8 year old fantasies of the more famous stories in the catalog.  They are certainly not lacking in exuberance or dedication. But even the masks, minor puppetry, delightfully frivolous sets and song making couldn’t keep this mess from its tipping point.

As a family friendly teaching tool mashup for youngsters or those who go deep for being young at heart, Shakepeare(ish) does highlight and instruct on important moments, characters and ideas adding some adorable off-handed, off-text audience participation. 

As a stage play, it’s purely non-nonsensical which for some is the reason to experience it. 

They could cut it down a bit however, for the older kids in the room who were finding some of the scenes repetitive and long.

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