fuck you jason or media hollywood fringe festival theater review

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Talk about complicated relationships!

It’s true Medea is an angry women.  And “hell hath no fury” barely touches upon the “I can give it and take it away” revenge this neglected and tossed off wife inflicts upon a man she’s given up everything and committed horrific acts of violence for – abandoning and betraying her own family, killing her own brother, helping Jason to steal the golden fleece at the expense of incurring wrath from the gods in order to hand him a glorious destiny – all for love of course.  So what she’s a witch dude!  Foreign chicks are sexier, that’s why no one can handle it!  But since you’re not her everything, she’s decided you’ll be her nothing — and the kids too.

Fuck You Jason or Medea is a modernized and very complicated, unbalanced display of this Greek classic. And Medea’s performance did nothing to absolve the confusing direction.  As part of the inaugural season of the Poor Man’s Theatre Company, it’s definitely an interesting start, but director, producer, costume/tech designer, Benny Lee Harris Lumpkins Jr. has taken on far too much responsibility, single-handedly trying to reign in the story and the running-amok-of-the-characters cast in this case.  With at least an assistant, it might have left him free enough to truly bring the “fresh” tone he was working for in this version.

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