nurses, hyphochondriacs, medical patients, relationships, stand up comedy

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

As a stand up comedy mic night, this show takes us way far into the realm of reality and goes a bit dark. Laced with some slightly insensitive, self-deprecating commentary, Nurses and Hypochondriacs being presented at Actors Company, paints vivid pictures of the actual unscripted stories of nurses, or their patients – the hypochondriacs.  Host Ersilia Pompilio, a nurse practitioner, is genuinely funny as she sets the tone for the evening.  And we get plenty of insight into life on the medical edge especially from Langdon Bosarge who has one of the more endearing stories to tell. But mostly, with all of these mini-sagas, although unique, the setups are extremely long for too abrupt a payoff.  And there are some seriously unfunny moments.  It’s a good night overall, though.  You will be pretty shocked to hear what real nurses, REALLY deal with on a regular basis.  And in fact, you might think twice about being just a little nicer in the ER.

There are different storytellers each evening.  So one of these guests is sure to have you in stitches at one point in the evening.


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