by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move.


Great Sexpectations

In a new adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde, Sleeping Around paints a pretty well-defined picture of modern hookup culture, displaying far less sex than one would envisage, and far more hang ups, lies and awkwardness than anyone would normally care to admit.

In the original play, sex is used not for love or even intimacy, but as an instrument of power.

As this version intertwines, several couples hookup, break up and replace each other for the next, some to get past pain, others for adventure and self-discovery and still others out of jealously or control, nothing hits home harder than the eventuality of each character’s disenchantment.

Every one of these people is looking for happiness, and satisfaction, but no one truly gets what they want.  Because real life is real not fantasy.  Someone always gets disappointed or hurt. And almost always, nothing turns out in the way you expect.

Sleeping Around being presented at Theatre Asylum is a cute comedy with a gnarly twist embedded with some serious commentary about life in the millennial age.  Like many of the other shows produced by Theatre Unleashed it’s a bottom line: “this is it – this is as good as it gets”, which is something that this company does very well.  You’ll find a certain fascination with the material and the twists.  It’s definitely a show to put on your must see Fringe list.