Murder Blood Bear Story, solo show, theatre

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Some shows hit you in the gut so hard that they are often initially difficult to describe.  Murder Blood Bear Story being presented at Theatre Asylum Elephant Studio is such a piece. 

Highly visceral and intuitive it is one of the most beautiful and emotionally vulnerable pieces you will encounter at Fringe this year.  There is so much symbolism and metaphor that it will take a few moments to catch up with playwright and solo performer Katelyn Schiller.  But I promise you, it will be the most unbelievably satisfying journey you will embark upon if you’re willing to take the risk.  

Don’t expect anything ordinary with this show, under any circumstances.  It is Fringe to its existential core and the dictionary definition of what it means to be an artist truly “exposed”.  

Schiller asks the questions, “When you are sad, what if you could send out a piece of yourself to find your happiness again? What if that piece found you somewhere unexpected?”

In search of her “Bear” split herself in pieces is exactly what she does.  Her discovery leaves her and the audience both in an awestruck finale.

Very Highly Recommended

This performance is pay what you can.  Set your own price.

Twitter: @Katelyn Schiller  #murserbloodbearstory

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