Los Angeles Film to watch: Gone Doggy Gone


In the spirit of absurd comedies and absurd relationships we had to share one that spans both categories and that just came on our radar.

Gone Doggy Gone will be screening at Arena Cinema Hollywood as one of several films making a special engagement at the local Hollywood screening room beginning June 26th.  Mark your calendars.

Gone Doggy Gone is a comedy about a couple stuck in a lackluster marriage who treat their dog like a baby. Working the grind in Los Angeles they leave little time for each other and what free time they have they spend doting on the dog… until it gets kidnapped! What ensues is an outlandish cat and mouse adventure as they hunt down the kidnapper, enlist a slick dick P.I., find a renewed love for each other, and conquer their fear of parenthood.

Winner- Edmonton International Film Festival
Winner- First Glance Film Festival
Winner- Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Winner- Offshoot Film Festival
Winner- Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

“The comedy surprise of the year.”—-San Diego Reader

Written and directed by Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter. Produced by Brown, Walter, Rebecca Hu and Adriane Zaudke. From Indican Pictures. Color, 2015, USA, 89 minutes, unrated. Comedy. Starring Kasi Brown, Brandon Walter, Kate Connor, Shaina Vorspan, Richard Riehle and Jeff Sloniker.

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