“Late with Lance!” Takes on Bitter Lemons’ Hollywood Fringe Reviews

Well most of us do it for free anyway, but Lance wanted you to be the first to know about his [cheeky] take on reviewing…
Shows being squeezed by the monetary business model of theater news and review blog Bitter Lemons now have an alternative. Peter Michael Marino, writer-star of Late with Lance! is offering to review other Hollywood Fringe shows for free. And with a twist: He’ll review them sight unseen.
“Mounting things costs money. Most of that money goes to theater rentals, alcoholic beverages and stage makeup. I’m very happy to support the arts and review any Hollywood Fringe show for free – without even seeing it!”, says Marino’s alter ego Lance.
Lance’s reviews will be posted at www.LanceShow.com under the “Better Lemons” banner. Bitter Lemons recently raised the ire of many performers and industry professionals in Hollywood and around the world after announcing that they would be accepting payments of $150 in exchange for a review. Former executive director of the American Theatre Wing Howard Sherman published a lengthy blog about it with updates including one of the actual paid reviews.

Late with Lance! resumes its limited run at the Hollywood Fringe on Thursday, June 11 at 9:30pm.

Thursday, June 11 – 9:30pm
Friday, June 12 – 10:30pm
Saturday, June 13 – 5pm
Sunday, June 14  – 4pm
Monday, June 15 – 7:30pm
WHERE: The Complex – The East. 6468 Santa Monica, Hollywood 90038

Peter Michael Marino is the performer and creator of Lance Jonathan’s critically acclaimed cabaret spoofs All About Me! and More About Me! – which rocked  NYC’s cabaret circuit in the mid-90s and led to a Backstage Bistro Award for Outstanding Achievement and a number of MAC Award nominations. He is also the creator of Desperately Seeking the Exit which played to critical acclaim at the 2012 & 2013 Edinburgh Fringes before a London transfer and world tour. This solo comedy recounts his tale of writing the flop Blondie musical Desperately Seeking Susan. In addition to directing dozens of solo comedies, Peter is the creator of SOLOCOM at The PIT, which has debuted 150 original solo comedies.

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