by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Amidst a dizzying number of scenes – yes my one suggestion for this piece if it is to have a life after Hollywood Fringe is to cut it down – Dating: Adults Embracing Failure is a mostly light, occasionally poignant and definitely spot on commentary about dating.

They like to call it failure. The rest of us will recognize that, “it’s just life.”

Sometimes you get the bitter, sometimes you get the sweet. You feel like a bore or a jerk. You lose your perspective. You question your self-esteem. You get your heart broken. You get ignored, insulted, even trampled on. The discovery of attraction comes in the oddest of moments — at the park doing crosswords, in line ordering Chinese, dancing alone in a nightclub, even at the local Starbucks battling your soul mate for a place in line. And it doesn’t matter your age, where you are coming from or where you are going. He or she is a stranger, a colleague or your best friend. If you’re lucky you’ll accidentally meet the love of your life in a between awful, uncomfortable moments and it’s always a possibility that you just might lose everything.

But what an adventure! Would you trade that?

Incredibly excellent performances by this multitalented duo from delivery to mime to musical instruments to character work. Definitely a Fringe “to see”.