#howdoyoufeelnow? Joywave: Tongues

295726cc-e71f-4647-ad52-20594224ff84They wanted to find a way to have this question live on its own, out in the real world, independent of any musical accompaniment. There were a lot of elaborate ideas thrown around to make something happen but ultimately simplicity reigned supreme.  They chose 249 Eldridge Street (@ Houston), on the Lower East Side, NYC.

joywave“One of our favorite aspects of the new record is its title. The way it provokes, challenges and prompts actual thought and reflection is exciting to us; equal parts interrogation and declaration. It has a few specific meanings to us, but many of the people we’ve talked to have completely different interpretations.” 

– Joywave

If you’re walking by, spend some time with it and think.

How Do You Feel Now?

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2 responses to “#howdoyoufeelnow? Joywave: Tongues”

  1. midgeguerrera Avatar

    Clever – is the music playing next to the mural??? In Italy but will imagine I am on the lower east side.

    1. GiaOnTheMove Avatar

      hmmm that’s a good question? I guess you’l have to check that out!

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