Thursday is for Dreamers: Swing a Hammer

‘Swing A Hammer’ is from Dave Doobinin’s new record, “The Left Side”

Dave Doobinin sent over a pretty sweet email last night with this note:

 “This is my new video, Swing A Hammer. I directed, filmed and edited this ode to the Red Baron in each of us. So I ask you… What if assembling and then throwing a Balsa Wood airplane into the air, was all it took to chase down your dreams?” – Dave Doobinin

Singer-songwriter David Doobinin’s latest album, The Left Side, is a reflective and, ultimately, redemptive album about home.

It’s about the home that’s never the same after a loved one dies.

It’s about the homes we seek after we leave our parents home.

It’s about the home we seek in ourselves, that center of peace.

When these homes are torn down, we all have to ask: Do we have the strength to carry on?


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