To be delirious. [dih-leer-ee-uh s]sound
To be numb by the ecstasy of perfection. [per-fek-shuh n] 

The opening of The Anarchist at Theatre Asylum on Santa Monica Blvd., Theatre Row Hollywood, this past weekend, is the dictionary definition of impeccable excellence. An instantaneous lights-up-and-go!, Mamet-all-the-way with rapid crossfire, deftly performed, showing off what might possibly be the ultimate execution of Meisner stage craft.

Submission, rebirth and faith are the issues that come into play or so we are led to believe from lead character Cathy in a white hot intensity of erudite repartee, wit, lies and manipulation. But who is manipulating who?

The Anarchist

Decades ago lead character Cathy (Felicity Huffman) and a group of young anarchists murdered two police officers. Now just moments before her final parole appeal with the victims’ families waiting in the office next door, Cathy must convince a prison administrator, Ann (Rebecca Pidgeon), of her reformation or risk serving a life sentence.

Directed by Marja-Lewis Ryan (One in the Chamber), The Anarchist not only fulfills even the remotest of fantasies about what first-rate theatre can be, it smashes the notion that 99-Seat Theater is subpar, while supporting every aspect of it being large yet intimate.

Felicity Huffman and Rebecca Pidgeon commit to a stunning performance that will verily take your breath away.

“My God, I’ve been to the theatre!”

Very highly recommended!

Starring Felicity Huffman and Rebecca Pidgeon
Written by David Mamet
Directed by Marja-Lewis Ryan

Special Events
LA Drama Critics Circle Award Winning Actress Heidi Sulzman will understudy for Felicity Huffman on FRIDAY 5/8.

Special Show Info
Running time: 70 minutes.
No Late Seating.