by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Not exactly Mommy Dearest and definitely a far cry from June Cleaver, one tough cookie New York mom goes head to head with the politically correct, yogagranola mommy set at St. Jude’s Parish Hall, in a battle for her right to rage, in The Milk Meetings.

Nobody wants to listen to a complaining pain in the ass who mixes conspiracy theory with basket weaving when the meeting agenda is Breast Feeding. But when Marissa (Ida Darvish) who started the group goes over the deep end in frustration from being all but silenced from real life dialog, she takes the whole band on a torrentially emotional and questionably moral roller coaster. 

milkmeeting_poster_newdates smallIt is a humorously twisted desperate cry for help by a woman locked in her own pain and who finds her way out of it despite all, but not without a lot of anguish and a visit from child services.

Lead actress Ida Darvish is one of the most high-strung, raw, guts & grit talents far too unknown appearing currently on the Los Angele Small Theatre scene. She can take any show to a level that most directors would be scared to unleash on an audience.  I’m glad director John Coppola had the sheer chutzpah to do it.

She is matched by the talents of a mouthwatering cast of women who really nail this script written by Blaire Baron Larsen including Torrie Bodga (Rebecca), Emily Button (Julia), Liberty Cordova (Ruthie), and Rochelle Leffler (Birdie).

Hands down one of the most volatile, untamed, exciting and honest productions to date produced at Studio C. This show needs an extension or a come back.  

Produced by Michael Sonntag
Stage Manager: Alex Nicholas
ASM/Propmaster: Kate Robertson
Set Design: Marie Coppola