The following is a reprint from the Tolucan Times

Speak Now Speaks Loudly
Review by Tracey Paleo

Hands up for the brand new, LA Theatre Troupe who opened their first season with a world premiere and very own version of Mean Girls meets Bridesmaids in Speak Now an original contemporary play written by Melissa Vitello.

Reuniting a group of high school friends at a bachelorette party Speak Now portrays a single, explosive night of revealed secrets, accusations, drawn lines and confessions, when the bride-to-be, a notorious high school harridan decides to liven up the most boring party of the century with a wilder than organized night out.

Quickly moving beyond merely indelicate, to downright vicious, each of these friends, including the groom, has to decide what their shambled relationships are really worth and whether or not they will go on as planned with the next day’s scheduled wedding. Does the manipulative and unapologetic bride-to-be deserve to pay for her sins or will she just get away with treating them all like dirt?

Playing very much like the millennial teen chick flick for stage it kind of is, there are plenty of expected, fun interludes and spot on written conversations delivered by a promising cast of actors who capture all the moments and dialogs with wholehearted sincerity. We’ve all been there and we totally get it!

Comical and entertaining.

Speak Now is produced by the LA Theatre Troupe, a Theatre for Education. Written by Melissa Vitello and directed by Koni McCurdy. Now playing until March 21st, at The Missing Piece Theatre, located at 2811 W. Magnolia Blvd., in Burbank.