Book Review: Why Latinas Get the Guy

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A No-BS Guide to Understanding the Allure of Latin-American Women and Spicing Up Your Love Life by Joe Bovino

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

This book should come with a companion guide for women entitled something like, “How to recognize slackers, mysoginists, abusers, control freaks, perverts, baggage handlers, gay men faking it for mommy, boys with s’mothers and bisexuals who actually prefer men but love to lie to you, and the general male dating scum at large.” After all, as Mr. Bovino says, he’s really on our side, even though we’ve got to know the truth…about ourselves. So as a tiny helpful incentive for taking the deep dive into his bold advice, looking, acting and dressing like a sexy, friendly, flirty Latina in order to “get the guy”, I myself wouldn’t mind a little bit of, suck-in-your-beer-gut, wear-some-decent-clothes-once-in-a-while, shave-and-shower-often advice to men.  

I never thought I was supposed to take any part of this book seriously.  The stereotypical descriptions of Latinas and American women alike are so over-the-top that they actually gave me the giggles until I started coming across too many real life examples to my shock and chagrin of women who fit them in both cultures — and none of them flattering.

Mr. Bovino has a point.  In fact, I asked a couple of my guy friends how they felt about women today, heck I even asked my Dad. They all said they wished women were more approachable.  It’s not that they didn’t find us completely hot (well at least the ones trying), but they were pretty fed up with feeling like a bunch of jerks for actually liking us.

Women who consider themselves liberated from having to adorn to get a man are not going to like this book at all.  Some are going to be intrigued by the Chica-spotting visual aides and there will be many others who will treat this advice as Bible.  (And good luck to that!)  Most guys, I think are going to love this and shout hallelujah from the rafters.  (Although my street-tough, lady-killer-in-his-day-father actually rolled his eyes at some of the portraitures of both Americans and Latinas – older generation…) In any case, it is a substantial amount of new fodder in the Battle Royale of the sexes.

That fact of the matter is when it comes down to the opposite sex, every man might want something different and every woman too but the commonality is we all could use some “pretty” and more than just a little “nice”.

Of all the things written in this tome, Mr. Bovino’s grandma actually has the most sound encouragement of all, “Just be happy and laugh a lot.”

“I’ll take it!”


It’s a brutally honest $5 Kindle read.  Keep in mind that it is one man’s opinion about women. 

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  1. midgeguerrera Avatar

    Laughter is always the best advice.

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  2. hurdygurdygurl Avatar

    I need the companion guide, too! Cool book review on ‘Why Latinas Get The Guy’, by Joe Bovino.


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