holger_logoFor the art geek lifstyle…a new accessory that will get you “charged!”

Focusing on modern accessories with smart technical features, Stockholm-based design house Holger has released their 2015 collection.

Inspired by vintage luggage design and handmade to fit the modern lifestyle, the collection of bags are created using a recyclable fiber material that is fully vulcanized and waterproof. Three styles in black, blue, green, brown or orange offer a sleek leather finish and come equipped with a rechargeable power-bank, designed to power laptops, tablets or phones.

Wbunnyhat we love about this product:

All Holger bags are equipped with a  power station so that you can charge your device whenever, wherever.  The capacity of the power station to recharge your smartphone 2-3 times and your tablets up to 1 time. That means no freaking out when you are in the middle of an important project and your tech is ready to die.  It’s like always having  a little bit of the bunny in your pocket.