“I was a stranger in their land and I needed to step outside my world. And the only way to paint them was to combine both worlds with realism and abstraction.”  -Bobbie Moline-Kramer


From February 20 – March 14 Bobbie Moline-Kramer will be showing her new mixed-media works, based on her studies of old world macaques in Japan, at the Red Pipe Gallery, 978 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Show Opening: February 28, 2015  


“These beings are otherworldly when studied from our human reference.” During repeated treks to and from Monkey Mountain in Japan, Moline-Kramer developed a sense of her subjects that she felt could only be communicated with combined realism and abstraction. And that is the basis of this suite/collection of new art.

She explains that these monkeys’ very expressions seem readable to our intellect, but it only seems that way. They have a society that slips into other dimensions. A society alien to humankind.

It is the relationship between absence and presence. A knowledge of the visible and invisible. This interplay between realism and abstraction gives her latest works a non-dimensional blending. It is a test of not only what we see but how we are willing to see and experience though art.

The artist’s abstracted and highly processed fields of subtle, ghostly images seem transitory through mists. We squint as if peering through a landscape awash in fog and cloud to assign meaning to what might just be unknowable.

Moline-Kramer constructs the works with successive layers of drawing, washes of gesso, new drawings interposed and then additional layers of gesso and underpainting until a rich and complex final product emerges. This select relationship between background and Snow Monkeys brings life to her art.

redpipeSee the show, consider the art, and consider these beings that share the earth with us at this time.

After its exclusive launch at Red Pipe, Moline-Kramer’s exhibit will be traveling through 2016 to galleries and institutions around the country.

About the Music

The sounds accompanying these eight works—several of which are printed directly onto glass and backlit with adjustable LED lighting (with which, of course, visitors are encouraged to interact, and which will make the image lighter or darker but won’t explain it for us)— are conceived by composer, songwriter and producer Geoff Levin. His music can be heard in numerous TV shows, including Chicago Fire, SNL, CSI NY, and Community Service, among others. His group Celestial Navigations was nominated for an Academy Award.  Each work of art has an accompanying original score by Levin, adding auditory experience alongside the visual with which to perceive the pieces.

About the Artist

Born in Fort Madison, Iowa in 1946, Bobbie Moline-Kramer has followed the creative impulse since childhood. She attended San Diego State where she studied with John Baldessari, and the Art Center before receiving her B.A. in illustration from California State University, Long Beach in 1983, under the mentorship of Dick Oden. After completing her studies, Moline-Kramer’s talent continued to flourish and receive recognition. She is a member of the California Art Club, Los Angeles Art Association, the 825 Art Association, and the past President of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.

Moline-Kramer is a premiere realist painter. Drawing inspiration from the Impressionists and the Dutch Masters as well as the abstract impressionists, she paints with technique, skill and a mastery of light and shadow. Her work has continued to evolve as her search for the pure expression of realism has caused her to strip away unnecessary elements, resulting in abstract works whose inspiration lay in realism and exacting authenticity.

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