‘I Am Already Well’ at The Lounge Theatre

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Feeling quite experimental and more Fringe worthy than anything else, a free-spirited, bohemian Cosmosia danced her way onto the stage (at length), without introduction or fanfare for a “boogie on down” live opening to gaily herald a lightly designed “conference “of theatre on the subjects of fear and love.

Loosely executed, yet well crafted and enhanced with long character changes, there are two points which make the final performances of I Am Already Well, at the Lounge Theatre, worth seeing.

I guess the first would be the promise of “free therapy” delivered in the form of real life psychologist Dr. Denee Jordan’s personal mea culpa for exacting a very destructive, until now, “Sybil-like” inner life upon herself.  Each emotion has a personality which she names and gives an anthropomorphic life.   Each one attempts to justify its raison d’être and why its behaviors are meant to protect Denee from hurting herself, even though they ultimately hurt her more.

The second would be the elements of the presentation itself.  The character work was, in fact, quite fantastic, with the added delight of costumes and wigs.  And, the appended dance/movement piece inserted a sophisticated emotional groundswell that only a professional dancer who was also the creative director/choreographer of her own dance company, on the highest level of her craft, could have offered.  That’s where it became outstanding.

Dr. Denee is a medical expert used to public speaking.  I will say, there was never a moment where she faltered. As a play however, I Am Already Well needs work where timing is concerned. The story also loses its way at the beginning and becomes briefly tangential but then recovers. The transitions are slow.  To be fair, this is a one woman show, so everything from beginning to end rests solely on herself.  It is on the other hand, a well thought out dissertation on the many faces of our internal selves conducted by a well-informed, degreed professional who also happens to be a highly skilled creative. I’d call it a directional problem, a lack of strong stage guidance which is easily adjusted.
Apart from that, it’s a low-key, light fare, colorful panoply. If you are seeking an easy night at the theatre without a lot of commitment, I Am Already Well is your stop.

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