by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

HellCountyLove is a battlefield and if your father happens to be the ultimate evil one, apparently Hell County, Florida is your front line.

What’s a half-human, irresistibly sexy, half-demon spawn girly girl to do when daddy puts the breaks on fun, friends and fabulous boy toys?

Satan has retired to the earth plane and he’s residing in the Sunshine State. How do we know?  Just look at the news.  And you thought everyone from Florida was just plain weird…silly. 

Heaven and a rag tag band of demon hunters are on the way to save souls and residents from possessing demons, mayhem and spontaneous sink holes.  It won’t be long for the final confrontation.  However there’s a catch.  Devil Daddy has been keeping a very naughty secret.

Hell County Florida is a sketch comedy anti-superhero, good versus evil almost love story with a happy ending and a lot of quirks all around.  This new and original Second City bonanza written and directed by Carla Cackowski lives up to every moment of pure, hilarious insanity.  Not to be missed!


Now playing at

 The Second City

6560 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Fridays @8pm until April 24

For tickets call: 323-464-8542
or visit The Second City  website

Written and Directed by Carla Cackowski

Featuring: Rich Baker, Gillian Bellinger, Craig Cackowski, Kevin Hoffman, Hans Holsen, Maya Imani, Monique Madrid, Chrissy Swinko and Irene White.

Assistant Director, Chris McGowan.
Musical Director, Brian Sturges.