The Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC) will present the Latino Theater Alliance/LA’s (LTA/LA) first annual Playwrights’ Nest Festival, February 6–8, 2015 showcasing eight (8) directed readings of plays developed under the auspices of LTA/LA’s Writers Circle.

The Playwrights’ Nest Festival features diverse emerging Latina/o voices based in Los Angeles. The theatrical styles of the new works range from multimedia solo-puppetry, to contemporary absurdist tragicomedy, to epic family drama. The festival marks the culmination of the Writers Circle’s inaugural cycle introducing new works, new voices, and new Latina/o perspectives into Los Angeles’ cultural ecosystem.

The Latino Theater Alliance/LA launched the Writers Circle, a new works development lab, in early 2014 to foster the writing of emerging Los Angeles-based Latina/o artists. Eight playwrights were selected to generate new plays: Augusto Amador, Diana Burbano, Estela Garcia, Gabe Rivas Gomez, Kyra Huete, Israel Lopez, Sal Lopez, and Zury Ruiz. Facilitated by dramaturge Christina Hjelm (M.F.A., University of New Mexico), the playwrights developed their scripts over the course of seven months. The playwrights were provided workshop opportunities for their new plays with a variety of guest artists including Luis Alfaro, Evelina Fernandez, Tiffany Ana Lopez, Rose Portillo, and Alice Tuan.

Participating festival directors include: Dan Guerrero (writer/producer/performer), Dr. Jorge Huerta, Chantal Rodriguez (LATC), Jose Luis Valenzuela (Latino Theater Company), and more.

Festival Schedule

Friday, February 6

7:00pm Remedios Varo: La Alquimista, by Estela Garcia. Enter the dreams and nightmares of surrealist painter Remedios Varo. Time and space seizes to exist, as we know it—moons are caged like birds, owls and cats act as people. The play is a whimsical drama that spans 30 years from Europe in World War II to 1960s Mexico.

8:30pm This is a Man’s World, by Sal Lopez. This Is A Man’s World is a semi-autobiographical coming of age story. A celebration and exploration of masculinity that journeys through the lessons that shaped Sal’s life, taught to him by role models from pop culture icons to his father.

Saturday, February 7

1:00pm It Runs From the Family, by Kyra Huete. One generation after a family is brought to the U.S. from a revolution, a young girl has big dreams, but is torn between self-hood and blood. Young love is but a luxury. Trauma travels from parent to child, dramatic and silly.

3:30pm Fabulous Monsters, by Diana Burbano. 1977. The punk rock scene is in full swing. Two Latinas meet at a band audition at an L.A. punk club. After thirty years, life has taken them in different directions, drugs and hard living have exacted a brutal toll. They re-unite on stage and discover that two old broads can rock as hard as they ever did.

7:00pm Carnivores, by Gabe Rivas Gomez. Carnivores follows a group of children in a Los Angeles County Court waiting room while their fates are being decided down the hall. Reality and imagination bleed together as the children play with toys and art supplies to work through trauma.

Sunday, February 8

1:00pm Karina Played Pachanga Music (the dallas slasher marathon), by Israel Lopez. Karina Played Pachanga Music explores the underground world of techno-rancheras, poverty, and party crews in West Dallas. Karina must escape a manhunt and save her missing brother from a dark party crew rival.

3:30pm The Book of Leonidas, by Augusto Amador. The Book of Leonidas follows Lenny, a Dominican-American street corner hustler in Queens whose mother derides him for not living up to his crime-lord father’s legacy. Lenny is challenged to chase a better fate, when he falls in love with a white girl from Chelsea. Is it possible to escape the crimes of the father?

7:00pm Bottle Blonde: A Latino Tragicomedy, by Zury Ruiz. Not all of the Malcriado family thinks they’ve something to gain from dying their hair blonde. Sure, it might help with business or school popularity, but make them viral-video stars? In the end they must decide if blonde is worth it.

Full Festival Access with suggested $10 at-door donation