It seems our practical one week of winter has come and gone in Southern California. And with the end of January right around the corner, it’s looking like we’ll be back to our perpetual Summer shortly. But personally, I long for the snow. Finding inspiration this morning where cold reigns…


Jeroen Toirkens - Nomad (2)Jeroen Toirkens - Nomad (3)Jeroen Toirkens - Nomad (4)Jeroen Toirkens - Nomad (2011)JJAT_Sami11/06_19_02

From the series ‘NomadsLife’ by Dutch photographer Jeroen Toirkens.

Since 1999 Toirkens has been following the lives of various nomadic tribes in Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia and the Arctic region. He discovered that globalisation, poverty and climate change are making it increasingly difficult for them to maintain their traditional way of life. With NomadsLife Toirkens creates a diverse and often poignant picture of nomadism in the 21st century.

In 1999 Jeroen Toirkens became fascinated by the nomad families high in Turkey’s Bolkar Mountains. He encountered the way of life of the Yörük, who were struggling with the pressures of a modernising Turkey. What were originally their nomadic pastures were being bought up by real estate developers, and many of the young people were departing for life in the cities. After that he visited other originally nomadic peoples who were encountering comparable problems. For instance, in 2005 and 2006 he and…

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